As a full-service provider in the mobile and fixed-line communications sector, we offer all services that relate to the lifecycle of a telecommunications network.

Furthermore, we support our customers in the development of infrastructure for electromobility. Our team is comprised of experts covering all fields.

Fixed-line networks

  • Site survey and stocktaking
  • Line planning
  • On-site internal planning
  • System technology selection and dimensioning
  • Documentation
  • Acquisition of all necessary permits for the construction
  • Project and construction management
  • Acquisition of authorizations pertaining to traffic and construction
  • Complete implementation of communications networks/home lines (copper, glass, coaxial) using the latest installation technologies.
  • Complete implementation of in-house cable networks
  • Implementation of system technology
  • The order and storage of all necessary materials
  • Delivery of materials on call
  • MSAN expansion
  • FTTC / FTTH expansion
  • Inspection and approval

Mobile Communications

  • Site planning, site design incl. statics
  • Radio network planning with iBwave
  • Authority Management
  • Project management/construction management
  • Civil works at mobile site
  • Transport/transmission Networks
  • GSM-R Systems
  • Documentation
  • Remedy defects & optimization
  • Coverage tests, radio coverage measurements and PIM measurements
  • Antenna installation
  • I&C of all mobile technologies
  • System technology independent rollouts and swaps
  • System Upgrades
  • WLAN Turn-Key
  • Inhouse-Turn-Key (Inbuilding mobile services)
  • Construction and installation of mobile radio containers
  • Mobile radio consulting
  • Mobile radio tower (three legs grid pole) construction and installation
  • Dismantling/reconstruction of mobile sites incl. disposal

Core Network Services

  • Project management
    (rollout and service projects)
  • Service management (ITIL)
  • Consulting (technical: RAN, CORE, Tools)
  • Training (RAN, CORE, IP, Linux, NetAct)
  • Technical support
    (commissioning, integration, modernization, front office and back office support)

Inbuilding- /

  • Supply analysis and consulting
  • Planning with iBwave
  • Installation and setup of active and passive components
  • Supply and quality measurement using ROMES

Local Networks

  • Manufacturer-independent service
  • Planning and installation
  • All desired cable types
  • All desired testing and measuring technologies
  • Certified in accordance with all stipulations

Broadband expansion

  • Cable laying
  • Underground cable installation
  • Cable laying, pulling and blowing technologies


  • Installation, commissioning and initial testing
  • Recurrent tests in accordance with VDE 0105 part 100 and VDE 0413
  • General system operation with remote maintenance and hotline
  • Automatic monitoring via Remote Control Center
  • Automatic system updates
  • First level support with guaranteed response times
  • Standby emergency service with qualified service technicians
  • On-site service in case of failure with guaranteed response times

Service & maintenance

  • Operation and maintenance of mobile communications sites
  • Fault clearance in cable networks
  • Eliminating faults in system technology
  • 365-day, 24-hour field service
  • Re-use planning
  • Quality checks / audits

Demontage & Disposal

  • Disassembly of telecommunications systems and system components
  • Interim storage and logistics
  • Dismantling of old devices into their individual components
  • Recycling of all components in accordance with all legal requirements